Budo refers to the “martial ways” of Japan and is rooted in the bujutsu or fighting techniques of the feudal period. With the decline of the samurai class and social changes in Japan from the Meiji Restoration, traditional techniques for killing were no longer necessary, and martial arts evolved into forms of physical education focused on personal growth and discipline.

Teachings in budo emphasise the importance of cultivating physical and mental strength, courtesy to others, and unification of spirit, technique, and body. Budoka are encouraged to seek self-improvement throughout their lifetime, and to approach both winning and losing with grace and humility.

The dojo is the practice area for Japanese martial ways, and it is a space that is clean, solemn, and safe. It is here that practitioners work hard to learn the lessons of budo and apply them to their daily lives.

The special qualities of Japanese martial ways are recognized and valued by millions of people in many countries around the world. Budo has become world heritage and a medium for promoting mutual understanding and respect among different cultures.